Executive Message

About JTB

Consolidating our Global Strategy
as one global team.

JTB is an indisputably strong brand in Japan, with over 1.100 offices in 38 countries, and over 27.000 employees. After over 100 years of expertise, trust and professionalism, we have established ourselves as one of the largest travel agencies in Asia.

As we knew that our overwhelming position in Japan would lead to a stage where our domestic growth would inevitably slow down, JTB has been planning for years, ahead of our competitors, by expanding our Global Business through M&A, investing in other territories. We have built, and continue to expand, a dominant global network.

We developed a Destination Management Company (DMC) Network on an unprecedented scale, filled with trustworthy passionate local companies, experts in their regions, to further refine the capacity to create exceptional contents and to promote and share the real essence of each destination, while also being faithful to our characteristic Japanese hospitality, embedded in our JTB DNA.

We continuously invest in our global staff, who are our most valuable asset, with our comprehensive global talent development program.

Our next step is to truly enhance each of our Global companies’ strengths, working together in creating new business opportunities and synergies throughout our Global Network, in order to achieve our motto “Departing Globally, Arriving Globally”.

Multicultural communication

We consider our business field to go beyond the conventional idea of a travel agency. We want to be able to share the understanding of different cultures, create human interactions, and overall, be able to bring the world together through travel. We want to provide personal experiences that enrich the soul and can be treasured forever.

This is the essence of our Global JTB, united together as a global team to bring to all of our customers, Perfect moments, always.

Satoshi Inoue
Director, President of Global BUsiness Unity
JTB Corp.

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