Global Leisure Business

Our greatest strengths are being ‘JAPAN
specialist’ with ‘over 100 years of experience’.

The JTB Group’s Global Leisure business consists of purchasing and product planning functions, through which we create appealing products, and a retail business which proposes those products to the customers with a high degree of specialization and hospitality.

We seamlessly integrate diverse sales channels including a worldwide network of sales stores, call centers and websites to provide high-quality products and services that meet the needs of our customers all over the world. We propose the products that are most suitable for our customers ‘lifestyles’ and ‘life stages’, and we strive to improve on customer satisfaction.


Sales Store

A pillar of the JTB Group’s retail business, specially in Asia, is our worldwide network of sales stores. JTB constantly strives to improve on the services provided by our sales stores’ staff. We are committed to developing employees equipped with business expertise and a spirit of hospitality that enables them to provide travel solutions that thoroughly satisfy the requirements of the customers.


Call Center

We rely on different call centers trained to receive travel reservations and replying to travel-related inquiries by phone and e-mail.



JTB’s comprehensive Web sites contain a wide variety of travel products and information. Our Web services have been designed with customer convenience as a top priority. JTB also operates a dedicated website ‘JAPANiCAN’ that can book hotels, ryokan and Japanese tours and activities.

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