Guidelines for Protection of Private Information by JTB Corp.

The JTB Group has adopted a corporate philosophy of helping to create a peaceful and richly satisfying society by bringing together people of different regions and nations based on our Group brand, The JTB Way.

We develop management and business strategies for the Group based on this philosophy and manage Group assets such as capital, brands, and computer systems accordingly.

Based on our belief that protecting the integrity of customers’ and others’ personal information is an essential part of implementing this philosophy and achieving our business objectives, we have adopted the following policies.

  1. We will develop a personal information management system that complies with the JIS Q 15001 standard, and we will ensure that all directors and employees adhere to its provisions.
  2. We will collect, use, provide, and handle personal information in accordance with the above management system. Information will be collected by fair and legal means, and it will be used and provided only to the extent necessary to achieve our objectives. All handling of such information will be restricted to the scope of legitimate business operations. When it is necessary to go beyond the specified purpose of use, we will do so only after obtaining the approval of the Company’s privacy officer, informing the individuals in question of the expanded purpose, and obtaining their consent. Under no circumstances will we use personal information for other than the stated purpose.
  3. We will take organizationally and technologically reasonable measures to prevent and correct any illegal access to personal information handled by the Company as well as other risks such as its loss, destruction, falsification, and unauthorized disclosure.
  4. We will observe laws and ordinances, guidelines, social norms, and accepted practices concerning the protection of personal information.
  5. We have designated the Customer Hotline to handle complaints and questions about personal information, including requests for disclosure, and we will publicize the Hotline’s contact information inside and outside the Company. We will respond to requests from customers concerning their own personal information in good faith and in a timely manner.
  6. We will improve the personal information management system on an ongoing basis through regular checks and audits.
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