Howard Wang

Assistant Director of Operation

Corporate Planning / Global Inbound Business Unit (GIBU)
JTB Americas Ltd.

Joined: 2010

Please tell us the reason
you joined the JTB Group.

Before I joined JTB I worked at a Japanese Business Consultant Firm in China. I left the job because it closed down the company. I was seeking a new Job in Beijing since I didn’t want to return to the United States at that time. I registered at employment agencies and they introduced me to one company looking for a part-time English teacher; this was the first time I visited JTB New Century International Tours (Beijing).
When interview with the president, he offered me a job as sales and operations and I joined the company as sales and operations. 2006-2009: I was in charge of corporate sales at JTB New Century International Tours (Beijing). At the end of 2009, I returned to the United States (Los Angeles) and joined JTB Americas where I was assigned to Business Development. 2012, I was transferred to JTB International to launch the TPI America brand. In August 2016, I was assigned to JTB Americas, Global Inbound Business Unit and transferred to Shanghai to in charge Asia Market.

Please tell us your
job description and

  1. To execute the overall strategies of the Division; including pricing, revenue management and lead to achieve targeted budgets and goal.
  2. To plan and execute operating system (GIS) training and develop operational resources.
  3. To prepare reports, briefing materials for senior management on market and business related issues.
  4. To streamline and execute compliance and policies of the division, including comply with company rules.
  5. To manage and support the division in its efforts to achieve targets of trade growth through planning of marketing and branding objectives.
  6. To develop, strengthen and identify networks and contact with buyers in assigned markets.
  7. To advise its division on appropriate market strategies including recommendations of product trends, competitive landscape, and pricing alongside division executives and staff.
  8. Analyze market trends and recommend changes to marketing and business development strategies based on analysis and feedback.
  9. To nurture and enrich all external perceptions of the company and growth of market share.
  10. To represent and ensure consistency of the division and the destination brand; including speaking engagements and presentations to clients and industry groups.
  11. To manage public relations and oversee the creation and delivery of press releases, advertisements, and other marketing materials.
  12. To manage the daily administrative operations within the Division.
  13. To plan and develop destination products and its operational departments to ensure business trade efficiencies.
  14. To manage and support development of the division and department staff, review procedures and improve effectiveness to maintain high level work accuracy and productivity.
  15. To determine standard work procedures; prepares and adjusts work schedules; determine work assignments to balance the workload evenly among staff members; inputs, approves, and adjusts daily attendance using time sheets.
  16. Supervises, directs, counsels, training, motivates, and evaluates job performance of Management and Staff members; takes corrective action measures when necessary.
  17. To assist in B2B and B2C website development for the Asia trade.
  18. To manage and coordinate business with back office account payable and accounts receivables provided by company.
  19. To monitor division accounts to work closely with the company partners including Legal advisor, Human Resource Management Company, Accounting and Banking partners.  
  20. To Coordinate between companies to streamline and align a standard operational assurance.
  21. To mentor and develop the Management team in-markets.

Please tell us your
job description and

Please tell us what
interests you or what
the rewarding/worthwhile
parts of your work are.

I feel a deep sense of satisfaction working as a bridge for communication utilizing my understanding of various cultures (based on my experience living in South Korea, China, Taiwan, Japan and the United States) and language abilities (Japanese, Chinese and English). The front lines of tour operations require especially close communication, and misunderstandings arising from cultural differences sometimes develop into big problems. I take pride in being able to communicate with people based on my personal experiences and contribute to smooth operations.

Please tell us your
career vision in JTB
and what you will
strive for next.

Training staff that are capable of providing Japanese-like hospitality, which is a strength of JTB, is a major challenge.
As a foreigner that understands Japanese hospitality, I want to pass on an attitude of hospitality to local staff and provide Chinese customers with unique hospitality suited to their needs in the United States.

I would also like to establish a value chain that will differentiate us from our competitors so that we can acquire leisure business. I am aiming to develop a new value chain by reviewing the JTB network from a global perspective.

Please tell us your
career vision in JTB
and what you will
strive for next.

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